Smart Revamp was established and is operational since 2013 and still in the process of  expansion due to public demand.

Based on personal qualifications which consist of Electrical, Mechanical, Electronic, Construction and Security certification, Smart Revamp operates on a professional level of expertise gained over a period of 27 years.

The qualifications and certification received from recognised Government institutions as well as the Private Sector underline the experience proclaimed.


  • To set a new standard of service delivery to the Local Business Industry – one stop service and turn-key solutions.
  • To promote job creation as a vital part in the overall construction industry as well as social development in the Pretoria area to try and combat poverty.
  • Promote services and expertise to the rest of Gauteng
  • SMART REVAMP will provide assistance to go-getters who really want to make a difference in the industry.
  • SMART REVAMP will contribute training and development to new entrepreneurs in the construction industry.



  • To promote Homeowner’s rights to the City Councils, Town Councils, Architects ,Engineering , Insurance, Banking or Financial institutions.
  • Provide adequate information and documentation to all parties concerned to prevent misunderstandings or deviations of Projects with proper Project Management Documentation.
  • Smart Revamp will provide assistance to consultations, investigations and advice on disputes to the Project Sponsor.
  • Take responsible and calculated steps on behalf of client to ensure successful completion of Project .



  • In order to exist. Any project must have a well defined SCOPE of work,
  • This newly born Project must have a source of life by means of FINANCE and proper control of expenses
  • Lastly, the project must have a clear stipulated TIMELINE otherwise it can’t be classified as a project and if any of these 3 factors fails:
  • Dead Project. Dead Capital, Dead Asset.



  • Civil, electrical and Construction Project Management works with several Service Providers .
  • Successful completion of multiple Projects simultaneously.
  • Comply with international Occupational Health, Safety, Environmental standards on all Projects.
  • Proper accredited and certified workforce at all times.

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